A bit much?

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Well, I sat down to write last night intending to show whatever came out to my english teacher. Five pages was how long it was when I ended, and I'm not sure I'm finished yet... now if asking my teacher to read five pages of my writing isn't asking a bit much of him, well... what do you think? Is that a lot to ask? I hope you all aren't getting annoyed with me looking for reassurance on this subject so much lately. It really does help when I get feedback though. Good or bad. =) So I'm thanking all of you for not only taking the time to read my stuff but leaving replies as well.


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haha. i started writing a sto

haha. i started writing a story yesterday and it came out pretty long, and its not even halfway finished yet.. so there you go. if you like it, show it to him!

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Show it to him

He's an English teacher, right? He likes to read.

I think it's really good idea.

Show it to him, definitely.



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