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My graduation is coming up in about a week, and my mother is well...like i said in my profile, a pentacostal, and she totaly disagrees with my relationship with my girlfriend Boo. My parents are ranchers, and they are a little bit stuck in the olden days, so its hard for them to except it. When i came out my mother made my life a living hell, but since then has loved me and done for me, but refuses to have anykind of a relationship with my girlfriend. I am not allowed to bring her to the house i grew up in, and everytime i see my mom and my girlfriend is with me, she has to go another direction to aviod her. she said on the phone, that when i told her i was a lesbian, it was as though someone shot me and i was dead. She recently told me that at graduation, my whole family will be there, and if i embarrass her by awknowleging Boo, she will write me off forever. I do not know what to do about this, since i have no boundrys when it comes to my lifestyle, I do not care who sees it, hears it, orwhatever, i do however, try my hardest not to push it in anyones face. what should i do?

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family Vs. Girlfriend

i think that i would be just as confused. it sucks that your mom is not dealing well. i have no experience with these things but i would just think about the fact that your family is family and will always be around somewhere...meaning you never get rid of them totally. but a relationship is a relationship and has no definate future ahead. i hope this doesn't sound too mean cause thats not how i mean it. but i guess thats my only advice...food for thought...

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they will always love you

if you really love this girl than she is more important than family
and no matter what your family will always love you so dont worry

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I agree with Eegriaga. You s

I agree with Eegriaga. You should take your girlfriend anyways. You said your mother had hated when you came out but she still love's you now. So what's going to stop her from loving you again later on? Is she more worried about your reputation or her own? Ask her that. It is selfish of her to push aside your feelings like that because you obviously really love Boo (I like the name). She'll probably counter attack that comment with the whole "Your being selfish for blah blah blah bible, blah blah blah.". Then you can say "It's my grad. I want to remember this day as MY day I spent proudly with my girlfriend. Not, the day I betrayed my girlfriend by refusing to take her to my grad but instead spent countless hours impressing my family by being something I'm not." And bam! Instant win. Eh? Eh? Perhaps it's not so simple but maybe it's a start right? I hope you figure it out. BE BRAVE! BE BOLD! FOLLOW YOUR HEART! And goodluck.

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It seems to me that your pare

It seems to me that your parents have made things pretty clear. Well what have you got to lose? If you need to keep things cool between your parents, don't bring her. If you need your parents to support you financially (such as for college), don't bring her. Both of these are pretty important things, and if your gf can't see how important they are to you (if they are) then maybe you and her aren't meant to be.

If you don't need your parents for anything important now, then go with your gf and have fun.


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speak to your gf about it and

speak to your gf about it and i can bet she will understand how it is. id say take her to your graduation, let your family assume shes a friend and just act as frinds for the day. if anyone asks who she is, then tell the truth. your not pushing it in anyones face then but you obviously want your gf there because shes important to you
i realise this will still annoy your mum but if you dont make a big deal about who boo is then your mum will maybe be ok.

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