Africa Day

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Today, the black man in Africa gets to bunk off work coz it's Africa Day. I don't know why the hell we have an Africa Day -after all, you don't see Europe having a Europe Day- but I'll take it. Hmmm... Wonder if every continent has a day?

I realised that I am bisexual - shock horror gross, I know. I'm still in mourning, but I can't pretend I've never been, and never will be attracted to men, because that'd be lying. I'm attracted to people. Black, white, brown, male, female, inbetween, old, rich, younger than me, rich, poor, blind, deaf, related to me (yes, I did kiss my cousin!) or blue with purple spots, it doesn't matter. - I'm more attracted by a person's personality than by their wrapping. That is why I could never be attracted to a stupid person. That's my biggest turnoff, after someone being morbidly obese.

I guess that's what bisexuality is....Just being able to love people. Should have guessed I was bisexual. I always hate what I am, and I LOATHED bisexuality. Always saw it as a non-decision, a sitting-on-the-fence if you will. But maybe I was wrong... I realised (sorry to all americans, this is how the rest of the world spells this word) that I'm able to love anyone, if I can love their soul first.

Ah, but I'm still more of a lesbian than straight. Women are so delicious and so complicated. What a challenge! What a turn on!

Right now I'm a bit disillusionned with men because my last boyfirends were all sisy-boy wimps! They were way too nice and needy. The only guys I ever felt immensely attracted to were guys that treated me like shit and ignored me. 'badboys'. Guys that I couldn't control, who I couldn't make like me. What can I say? I'm a masochist. They kept me interested because keeping their attention was a challenge... But see that's the thing, the moment they gave in and were whipped over me, i was like "Next!"

Whereas, with a woman, even if she's yours, she's not. You can never own a woman. Her thoughts, her emotions, her heart and her soul are always working, always challenging you. You can never get bored with a woman, even if you two are married and have been together forever: unless that is that you are a fool and think you can ever fully KNOW a woman. That's what I love about women- you can never stop learning a woman - she has up to infinity different ways to be sexy, to be moving, to be funny, to be insightful, to be raw, inspiring, angry, powerful, kind and gentle, evil. You can never get enough.


Everytime I think about how beautiful women are, my breathing gets shallower and speeds up. I'm proud to say I LOVE women thoroughly, and okay, so I can tolerate men as well. (don't hold it against me)


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It's not africa day here in ZA.

but then, i am completely out of synch with the outside world.

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It's Africa day here

I thought you lived in SA? Well today we're celebrating Africa Day.

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I'm wondering

What would be the United States equivalent to Africa Day? Is it like Labor Day, or maybe Memorial Day? What about Independence Day, or Arbor Day, or Veterans Day, or maybe even Presidents Day? I do doubt, however, that it would be like Columbus Day or even more so like Casimir Pulaski Day which every public school student from Illinois should recognize and enjoy on the first Monday in March. What exactly is Africa Day celebrating?

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It's the day the Organisation for African Unity was started

I think

Signed: "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same."

"Well behaved women never make history."