Almost done

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I am to the point where I don't want to do anything
I laid around yesterday till work. I didn't do much
but listen to loud rock music. Then Today till
work I have been idle on the internet. I am writing
alot and poems are coming out like water. I know
thought that right know that is all you are probably
going to get out of me. I am just a little depressed and I
am worried about picking up anything sharp and
I am getting back into my low self esteem. All over
someone who didn't even really get to know me he thought
he did and that broke my heart because he thinks
I am a good girl and that not me I am not the good
girl type and then I find out someone at work has
a crush on me and its a guy and I am not sure what
I can do its just personally pissing me off I am back
into my swing of wanting to do what I did everytime
I was told that someone didn't want to be with me.
I want to cut and I know I can't backslide into that
because that will make it worse before it makes it
better. and I am trying to keep sharp objects
away from me. I am not going to cut and I am not
going to let someone make me thinK I should