An Ode to Freddy Mercury

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Freddy Mercury, the greatest rock band singer ever created, was gay just like us. He came out to us, and had no fear of being one of the greatest rock bands ever. He sang songs of love, even though being gay. My friends think its stupid to talk about "gay love", but I think not. Mercury is one of the greatest legends because of his love songs. I am currently listening to "Play the Game". My favorite song by Queen, the band he belonged to. He has made such an influence mentally to me, and I think that his music has impacted me, and helped me to understand being gay. I encourage you to buy there CD's.

Freddy Mercury who died of AIDS has the most amazing voice. Freddy was born in Zanzibar on 1946 to the name Farrokh Bulsara. Farrokh attended an English boarding school and adopted the name Freddie from his classmates. Freddie fled Zanzibar due to political upheavel and ended up in England. Freddy died in 1991 due to the tragic AIDS disease.

Freddy is one of humans modern shining stars of diversity, attracting many. Homophobes to gays to everyone Queen has made smile. Right now, hes making me dream of a time when there will be no gay discrimination. I hope that one day we will all see life like he did, with no limits.

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My parents and i talked about him today...weird!

Anyway, that bicycle song is hillarious! I think he was a highly talented musician and his music has always rocked! Waynes on, excellent!

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I total agree

I love Freddy Mercury's songs especially the rock opera and we are the champions,I have nothing against him and I know the day he told the world he had AIDS he knew he was soon to die.Anyhows I hope AIDS awareness can also be spread and HE ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W00t for Freddy!

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Love of my life...

bring it back ... bring it back ...
Don't take it away from me ....
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I love Queen, Bohemian Rhapso

I love Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody is such an amazing song to isten to in the car- although the head banging gets some odd looks!

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Vote Beeblebrox ;-)

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here here! I love him and Qu

here here! I love him and Queen. May he live on in the music. Peace.

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Freddy Mercurry rocks!! I would defenately agree with ya on that one. The only song i really don't like is fat bottom girls...why is he singing about girls?!

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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Just to clarify...

Freddie Mercury is believed to have been bisexual, not gay.


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One of the first albums I eve

One of the first albums I ever listened to (at age 6 no less) was "Classic Queen", a greatest hits album. Freddie Mercury is, in my opinion, the greatest rock vocalist ever in the history of music. The only person who even came close to being as good a rock singer as Mercury was Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, and even there, there's still a significant distance between them. He was a brilliant, beautiful musician who made brilliant, beautiful music. The world is surely worse off because he's not here. Pretty much everyone in the music industry sings his praises . . . hell, even Dave Mustaine of Megadeth said that Freddie Mercury was the most beautiful and amazing human being he had ever met. There is no denying it, Mercury is a musical god, up there with Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles for his undeniable contributions to music and insane talent.

I'm going to go listen to "News of the World" now.

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Go Freddy!

Queen is one of my favorite bands of all time. Anyone ever heard the song "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" (A Day at the Races)? That song is sooooo gay, I love it! :D

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my bad

sry i do believe he was bi!
and i went to this camp when i was around 8 and the counselors were making fun of gay singers and said he should burn in hell!


I think that band franz ferdinand is gay b/c one of there songs is clearly about liking guys and saying hes gay... may just be a joke though

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If Franz Ferdinand are gay, they are very closeted because they've denied it interviews. The song, Michael, happens to be based on two guys who the band did know who did get up to something when they were drunk.

But it's a great song, especially when you pay attention to the lyrics.

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