"And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?"

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Heh, Drops of Jupiter is playing.. how ironic.

Anyway, it's been a while since i did a journal entry i guess, and
yesterday was as good as anything to write about.

So yesterday i was feeling kind of down, it was first block.. a friday..
and i was just all around not in the mood to argue or be in school. So
when my teacher got into his zealotic preachings about everything going
wrong with the world (including television, lack of faith, wars, families
not spending time togeather) and of course "those fags" i just decided to
walk out of the class. I didnt argue, i didn't say a word, i just stood up
got my things and left.

I guess i just didn't have anything else to do so i figured i'd go take
a road trip to Atlanta. I've never driven to Atlanta.. so that was a trip
all its own.

People on highways are freaking crazy.. there was like.. 7 times where I
was posetive i was going to die >.<

Anyway i made it to the mall without dying (yay!) and i really didn't have
much money.. but i figured i'd just walk around for a while until i drove
home. So i went to hot topic (lol) and got a cool belt then headed to
food court.

I ate.. then just sat there watching all the people walk around. It's
really kind of fun just to watch people run around a mall. There were some
groups of people my age running around, and they were the best to watch.
They laughed and messed around like me and my friends do. The worst thing
about watching people is when they see you and you make eye contact which
immidiately tells you that you need to look away lol.

So i browsed a few more stores for a bit then had to back to the food
section (i eat snacks all day.. hardly ever eat a whole meal) watched some
more people.

Anyway, i'm sitting there and one of the groups i'm watching starts heading
towards me. I figured they were just going to walk by, but they actually
stopped at my table and started talking to me. LOL. It was really wierd.
They wanted to know why i was watching them of course, and i just told them
i was bored so they asked me if i wanted to pal around with them. I said
yeah, and we just ran around the store togeather.

At some point someone asked me about my earing and i just told them i was
into guys, and it turned out another guy and like three of the girls there
were bi/gay/lesbians. It was tottaly rad. Me and the guy of course started
talking, and lets face it.. he was hot lol. The girls all went off to
peir one or something, which left me and my new friend and some other guys
to go do what we wanted. I dont really know how we ended up drifting apart
from the rest of other guys, but me and him were alone and we talked alot..
mostly about all the things i'd been having doubts about for a while..
about people he had dated. It was really enlightening to be honest. I was
so happy that i'd met someone i could just relate too that wasn't a
million miles away on the other end of a computer moniter. Anyway.. we
ended up meeting up with everyone else and i told them goodbye then left.

I got back around 9 and a couple of my friends were at my house.. they were
all really worried and my mom was tottaly freaking out. I told them i just
drove around all day cause i was mad and i didnt get into trouble.

All in all it was a really nice day with alot of good suprises and i had
alot of fun. Maybe i'll meet him again.. who knows right?


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That is so gross about your t

That is so gross about your teacher! Good for you for walking out.

It's great that you met those kids. :D... I hope you see the guy again. Good luck!


These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days.

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I love that song by Drops of

I love that song by Drops of Jupiter. Anyway, I'm sorry that your teacher was such an inconsiderable waste of a human being. We "fags" are just ruining the world aren't we? That doesn't even sound remotely logical. Anyway, I wanted to say that I also enjoy watching people. Whether it is at a mall or airport or public gathering, people are just interesting and it's insightful to watch them. Of course I totally know what you mean about the obligatory "look away" thing. It's funny how it's rude for us to look at each other, isn't it? Well thanks for voicing your opinion. It was interesting.

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You did get his number or e-mail or something, yes?