And here it is

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And isn't it crazy?
Ever so crazy?

She doesn't even know how much it hurts to look at her
She doesn't even realise I see her every time I blink

And here it is... what I always hoped I'd find


Wrapped in the wrong wrapping- a girl.

Isn't it scary? Two years together, still as fresh as ever.
Isn't it scary?
Who is this woman she's made me into? A woman who now must question whether she likes girls...

How the hell did this happen?

God I'm glad this happened... so glad I fell for her... so glad she fell for me (after much stalking) ... so glad she rescued me from a life ordinary.

And here it is.


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deep sh.t

its the sanest thing i've ever heard

"the source of our insecurity has likewise become our intelligence. we know, deep in our hearts that our lives are but a fantasy, bravado- method acting."

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You're only the fourth person that I've come across here in the last seven months who comes from a country where homosexuality is illegal. Welcome.