And the heads are rollin'....

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Wow, I know it's been a while since I popped in here, but jeez guys. Oasis used to be this awesome friendly place where everyone could come and vent and get advice. Whats with everyone fighting all of a sudden? Why are people ganging up on other people over simple errors in reading or a poem? It's not the Oasis I used to know and love. People seem really overly defensive. Remember, you are here to get support just like everyone else. Theres no need to jump all over each other.

Anyway, been a long time. I screwed my life up pretty badly and now I'm trying to wind it all back down. For a long long time I listened to people suggesting I get some sort of medical help for PTSD, OCD, and general depression. So I finally listened. Turned out that wasn't the best idea. I was on Paxil for a while but it made me stay awake for days at a time and I got really nauseous after taking it. So then I was taking Lexapro and that just made me numb to emotions and increased my appettite. Thats when I started fucking up my life pretty badly. Being numb to emotions made me not care about anything and I just kept making mistake after mistake and I hated it somewhere deep inside. And because of that, I've phased myself off the lexapro. I'd rather be me and have the sadness, and the obsessions and shit rather than be numb and not be myself. Atleast when I was unhappy, my life wasn't completely messed up and I wasn't disappointing everyone. Including myself.

That's pretty much it. Out of school. Still working there though until June 30th. And then I start my other summer job, watching two kids. Single...AGAIN. Relationships just don't work for me and you'd think I'd have realized that by now. *shrug* Getting back into my writing and drawing again. Thank goddess!!! That was another side effect I was experiencing. All of my words and creativity just fizzled and died. It was quite sad. But it's coming back now. Yay.

Well thats it I guess. I hope people start cooling down a little bit and see that people are here for support and to vent. Not pick on each other and start fights. Or atleast, I hope thats what Oasis is still here for. Welcome new people, by the way. Nice to see some alumni like myself. Getting sooooo old...


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I noticed the inceased fighting too. Odd. I hope that your creativity comes back in full force. :)

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right on-stop the fighting

am i alumni? lol

welcome back !

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Make love, not war.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Welcome back!

I guess I'm getting old, too. And I ditto what everyone else said. :)