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I hate my father so much in this moment. I would tear his head off if I could. Usually I adore him, he's so nice, and accepting, best dad I could imagine having. Not right now though, not at all. I don't see what possibly made him think that taking my brother to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy without me would be ok. I just do not understand it. I'm the one who's read the entire series three or four times, I'm the one who obsessed over the movie for months before it came out, I'm the one who was nice enough not to see it with my dad on my birthday because my brother was out of town. And how do I get repaid? Oh, that's right, I don't; I get betrayed. All I only ever so nice, and loving, and I allowed so many times to see the movie that they wanted to see, even though I really just wanted to see Hitchhiker's. Do you know why they went to see it? Do you? It's because their asses were too freekin' lazy to rent a movie and watch at home, and Hitchiker's was the only thing in the theatre at the right time. They didn't even want to see it desperately! I was so upset that they went without me that I was crying, and they went to see it becuase there was nothing else in the theatre. Talk about life isn't fair. This isn't flippin' fair. I've been waiting to see that movie since it came out, just haven't come up with a time when all three of us were available. Apparently they don't care about me enough to worry about little things like making me miserable, but that's their problem.