Are your parents married (to each other)?

56% (36 votes)
No, they're divorced
27% (17 votes)
No, they never got married
8% (5 votes)
Other (comment)
9% (6 votes)
Total votes: 64


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Mine are seperated they can't

Mine are seperated they can't bear each other but don't want to officially divorce because of me and my sister. They still love each other, but they don't 'go together'... they're seperated in that mom and sister are 6000miles away from me and dad. It's been like this for about 4 years...

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kind of i guess

i guess my mom are technically married but my mom got killed 17 years and 6 months ago she got hit by a drunk driver. anyway so they haven't really ever got a divorce but my dad is re married

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My parents are married now, but they weren't when I was born.

They got married when I was ten. They eloped with me and the minister and took me on their honeymoon. When I was twelve, they had my little brother.

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aww my family

my parents dont believe in marriage... and technically my dad is still married to his ex-wife... though my parents have been together over 20 years... so, they enver got married lol and neither has any of my older siblings etc

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my mother and my father are both married just not to each other... my dad was married but not anymore and my mother is married to my step-father.

^_^ DONT hate diveristy
EMBRACE diversity ^_^

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no mum

my mum and dad split up when i was 5 and my mum died when i was 7/8

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Yes they're married but...

They're seperated. They don't wanna get divorced for the sake of us kids and it's against our religion or something. It's just like they're divorced except they're not.

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my position is pretty much th

my position is pretty much the same as rowanxxraven's. They're married, but separarted. They live in seperate houses, but they're still 'freinds'. Haha, funny the way parents put things, isn't it?