Back from Europe!

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Hello! I am SO BACK... Wow. Just, wow.

That was like, the weirdest... I dunno. It was. Really intense.

Our schedule was INSANE... We'd get up at 6:30, eat breakfast, leave whatever hotel we were in around 8:00, do tours and stuff until lunch time, then have a few hours of freetime in the city, meet up again around 4:00, more tours and activities and whatnot until dinner around 8:00, then MORE STUFF after dinner, get back to the hotel at like midnight. It was fucking crazy.

Barcelona was by far my favorite city (we also stayed in Paris and Madrid, and were in a few other places -- Zaragoza, Toulouse -- for brief periods). My grandmother grew up there, so that made it even cooler. Mostly it just had good vibes, I think. There were lots of street performers and stuff. The Segrada Familia and Parque Guel were REALLY cool. And the beach (even though it was foggy and gray that afternoon) was also cool. Yeah, overall everything is Barcelona was very very cool.

Paris was... Expensive? I dunno, I wasn't that impressed. It was nice, it just felt like, I dunno. Not my style. Madrid was also nice, but it just felt like such a CITY, you know?

Anyway, overall it was beautiful and fun and I am glad to be back home, because it was also exhausting.

The trip made me feel pretty gay. Talking to my gay ex-boyfriend on the plane ride over, I announced that, on a scale of one to ten, one being totally straight and ten totally gay, I'm a 6.5. This was a pretty big deal for me. I haven't felt like a number like that for over a year, at which point that number was 4.

All my friends were like, "Oh my God, did you say that hot French boy?" and I was just sitting their like, "GIRLS.... drool"... Hee hee. Yeah. There was one point where my friend Ari was talking about how hot this guy was, and all my friends were joining in, and I actually said: "You know, I often feel like I can appreciate intellectually that a guy is good looking, but I'm just not attracted to him."

Ari: "Wow, you are a such a lesbian."

Me: "Oh." (giggles) "Heh. Kind of."

Other friend: "Oh My God, Daisy. You're gay. You're gay!"

All other friends at table: "Ah! You are so gay! Hee hee!"

I was more than a little overwhelmed. It was pretty silly.

We went to this club (eew... clubs...) in Paris (I think), and since I did NOT feel like dancing, I just sort of sat in the back (with my vodka) gawking at the dancing girls. The roles then reversed, and I end up saying to my friends, "Ah! I'm gay. I am SO GAY."

And maybe I am. And maybe I'm not. I've given up on figuring it out any time in the immeadiate future.

In other news, I haven't been able to get in touch with my boyfriend (wow, yeah... I have a BOYfriend) and I'm a little freaked. I'm kind of scared that he like, got himself arrested while I was gone. The fact that this is a reasonable fear seems like a bad sign to me. Ehh.

I want a girlfriend! Ahhh... Wow... Hee hee... *joins mile-long line of people on Oasis who want a girlfriend*

Okay, that's all for now. :)


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isnt that the best feelinq!?

ok... i must say its pretty overwhelminq when you qet an idea of beinq qay... but when you can actually catch yourself checkinq out a qirl, that is the best feelinq ever! lol it makes me feel kinda awkward because its like actinq like a quy... when i cauqht myself checkinq out some qirl's ass, all i could do was lauqh and think to myself "my, oh my has this lesbian come out"...

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Welcome back !

Sounds like you had a great trip! My friends always talk about hot guys too. Every single hot guy that walks by they always talk about. Then theres me, just kinda walks along wistles to self, hot girl walk by, turns to look...:) yup:)

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but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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Mile long line

Welcome to the line.

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