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To the beauty that I will never know
Within these lonesome halls I watch you fly
Like butterflies of prey you lightly go
to never touch the troubled eyes of I

You're only the distraction of today
But tomorrow's still sitting in my mind
and tomorrow you're still so far away
to still be the distraction and my bind

Secret letters of mine will always be
the silent voice that speaks to lovely eyes
But Butterflies kill sweet Silence you see
And portray their false empathy with lies

You Butterflies are vain in Beauty cruel
So after all I'm still the silent fool


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Nice sonnet...

You don't see structured poetry on here too often. Thanks for sharing that. :)

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Thank you for the comment:)

Thank you for the comment:) Technically it is not a sonnet though... It's a somewhat sonnet because I can't get the rythm for a sonnet... The whole Shakesperean thing you know?

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Stumbled over this...

Not quite a sonnet, but there's a few good feet going on there and it does end in a couplet. Anyway, I like your poem too.