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I'll start from the beginning. A while back, this kid in my school told my group of friends that he was bi. He asked us not to tell anyone because he didn't want it getting out. I completely respected that, because I know that he would probably get a lot of sh*t. It's not my business to tell anyone. So if I did, I swear it was a mistake and I had absolutely no intention of doing it. I don't recall ever telling anyone, and if I did then I owe many apologies to this kid.
A few days ago, he told my friend J that he's gay. She told me and I agreed not to tell a soul. Today my friend B said something to this kid about me telling her about his s.o. This pissed him off and he confronted J. She then approached me, extremely pissed and telling me to explain how B knows. Now let me say this -- if I ever slipped and accidentally said anything about this kid, it would have been when we all thought he was bi. I know for a fact that I have not said a single thing about him being gay to anyone, except for my best best best friend who I know for a fact will not tell ANYONE.
I'm pretty sure that I never said anything to B. So I don't know where she's getting this from. But like I said, I might've slipped and don't remember. Even if I did, she has NO right talking to anyone about it.
J isn't mad at me (thank god because she's really scary when she's pissed). But I'm still feeling anxious about anything getting started again tomorrow on this subject. I can't deal with any more drama right now, and I definitely don't need people getting in my face about something that's not true.
Do I even have a right to be angry at B?

There's this girl that lives in Washington. She's really nice. And she's soo cute I get chills every time I see her picture. :)