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Hah, finally the struggle I have been having with my parents for months has been put into the light. Basically, I do not want to visit the colleges on my list. {read: I do not want to go to the colleges with my mom because she bugs the hell out of me} My parents {read: my mother} have been trying to pressure me into visiting them because it is what you are supposed to be doing at this point in the decision process. {read: My mother has overanalyzed things and has decided that my reason for not wanting to visit colleges is that I am having attachment issues} My dad and I finally had a conversation about it tonight, and I finally told him why I don't want to go.

Basically, it is my mother. If it was my dad going instead, I would be all for visiting any college on my list. In a nut shell, I have successfully avoided going pretty much anywhere alone with my mother for years, and have no intention of fucking with things. She apparently thinks we travel well together. What a bunch of delusional bullshit. We can't go an hour in a car without a struggle arising that half of the time leads me to tears. The benefits of seeing the places where I could potentially spend the next four years of my life are completely eclipsed by the uncomfortable situation that would arise from traveling with my mother. No thanks. I am so good without that. I finally told my dad that basically, a little more sugar coating. He didn't know what to say. At least he understands now. And at least one parent will stop badgering me. Damn social worker parents and their over analyzing of EVERYTHING.


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sorry bout your situation...

I thought it was funny that you mentioned you parents are social workers that over analyze things. That is so true!! My friend's mother is a social worker and omg does she ever over analyze things!!! You would think working with children and teenagers would make them better parents...i guess not.

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:( That sounds tough.

Is there any way you can get around your mom to just go with your dad? Good luck. :)

By the way, I think I live near you.