Coming Out

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Msg to the one:

"What if it hurts? that's what I was thinking. But maybe, what I'm more scared of is making the commitment - not to you, but to myself. To be honest to myself and explore who I am fully. To be proud of me too. Coming out is like forcing me to also look at ALL areas of my life - to face the fear of being terrific when i am, and not trying to pretend i'm perfect either. To give this Aileen chick a chance to breathe, and quit with the neurosis and desperation to edit her 24/7. If I come out, I need to question who I am - not just sexuality-wise(that's the least of my problems!) To stop listening to people's expectations and disapproval and just live damnit. There's a reason why love is one letter away from live - because when you finally love yourself and the one your heart beats for you can finally start to live..."