Day One At War. Not Bad.

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I am at war. Sort of. Talked to my friend Mac today. Discussed anarchy and whether or not I think that croc girl is hot. She is hot, for anyone who's wondering. Tall, long legs, model-ish. Unusual but beautiful face and a great sense of fashion. Not my point. So anyways, we're talking about croc girl, and in walks Mac's friend, star wars boy. star wars boy is very wierded out by our talk of girls. Apparently he didn't get the whole, "Lit From Inside is bisexual" message. So I informed him. He told flat girl, who told soccer sweetie, who told MOO girl. So they all knew, and some of them are ok with it, most of them, actually. Except MOO girl (very redneck-ish, very catholic-ish), who decided that it was her job to punish me for being a "homosexual." So every time she walked past me I got slammed into a locker. Not fun, as my foot is already screwed up from twisting it funny while playing ultamite. Oh well. Overall, my queer-ness appears to be going over fairly well. My biggest challenge will probably be Thursday, when I come out to the whole grade during an assembly that I have set up educating people about homophobia.


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You have the makings of a real activist.

I hope the coming out goes okay for you.

I like all the names: croc girl, star wars boy,
etc. Ha. :)

"When you can't run, you crawl, and when
you can't crawl, when you can't do that, you
find someone to carry you."

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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thanks :^)

about the names: people who don't know me that well, and who might be offended that I'm talking about them. Mac won't care. But anyways, it's easy; just think of something that reminds you of whomever you're talking about, and...voila! Not rocket science, but fun. ^_^

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I like your names, too. :)

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good advice from one who cares

Next time that bitch tries to get you on a locker, grab her by her near arm, and yank towards you. Hard. Lean back a bit as you do, so you're not between the locker and her oncoming body. If you do it right, you've only got to do it once.

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