dear sister- i miss ya

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Ah, my life just gets more and more tragic- I’m so lost and lonely-
Hmmm my sister’s gone to her friend’s house for the whole weekend,
I feel so lonely- its only 8 o clock and I keep looking at my watch waiting for her to come back- I miss her so much, its weird actually.
All the tv shows are not the same without her laughing with me.
My room is not the same without her popping in at unexpected intervals just to tell me arbitrary facts from the top of her head.
I miss ruffling up her messy hair.
I miss her laugh
I miss my sister so much!-
Fuck and she’s only 13- damn- but she GETS me, and she’s weird WITH me and hmmm I’m starting to realize that she’s probably my best friend


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awww, i hope ur sister realizes how lucky she is to have someone love her so much like u do. im about her age and i never appreciate my sister now that shes home. i hope u'll survie the weekend without her:)