Death Threat on Me!

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Today I got a death threat. It was from one of my old friends, but iever since i've been gay shes hated me. Now I'm getting death threats from her and a group of ppl I dont even now. I'm really scared and I need help.

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this is not cool!

Hey if you really feel scared, seek help from a teacher or administrator! Really that’s what they are there for. School should be a safe place for everyone. It shouldn’t depend on sexuality, race, or religion! Don’t let these bastards ruin this part of your life, you only get it once. The best thing you can do is bring in an adult, and if your teacher and admin -won’t help get a counselor and if that fails bring in a parent. If all else fails call the Atlanta PFLAG (404) 875-9440, they can give you all the support you need, it’s what they are there for.

Remember you don’t have to take this kind of disrespect from people. You’re a person to and deserve respect and the chance to be your self! Be strong you have a whole community of people behind you. If you have a chance get a copy of Free Your Mind it’s a good book and may help you through this part of you life, its helped me.

If you ever need to talk just aim or e-mail me. : )

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A guy on my track team told me if it was legal or if he could get away with it he would Shoot me for being Gay, Wait I have an even better idea he said I will torture you and let you die slowly. So you can feel the pain I will just be giving you a taste of what hell will be like because god hates gays.
Another time one girl on my track team said you know you are going to go to hell for being gay. In fact I will be in Heaven with a box of popcorn looking down on you in Hell laughing and saying BURN BITCH BURN.
My school didn't do a damn thing but you should still try and if they don't help you go to the cops and if they don't help write me back and I will personaly give that Bitch a pice of my mind even if you live a 1000miles away I will hop on a plane and like I said give that bitch a pice of my mind.-K- Much Love Bette

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murder is illegal, i don't ca

murder is illegal, i don't care where you live. contact the authorities--teachers, cops, ur parents. also lots of gay organizations, search online.

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Yeah, um, sending a death thr

Yeah, um, sending a death threat to someone is a felony I think. Or at least a VERY SERIOUS midemeanor. And if it's a repeat offense, then it's even worse. If you're ABSOLUTELY 100% SURE you know who is sending the death threats, you need to contact a school administrator, your parents, and the police immediately. It's incredibly scary because often times, people who send death threats tend to plan out action on them, even if they don't actually act. You need to tell the authorities.

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3 words, call the police... e

3 words, call the police... extreme? i think not! this is serious, sometimes people dont mean it, but normally when someone says theyre going to do something like kill somebody, theyre thinking about it so for your safety, i reccomend you get your parents and the school involved at the least, but i would go straight to the one deserves to be disrespected so much that they fear for their lives from people they see regularily (i dont know how often you see them, but im just assuming)....hope this turns out alright :)

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Go to the authorities at your

Call the cops, or at least talk to the principal about this, because this is serious. Even if they don't have the balls to pull something like that off, making death threats is a criminal offense. To be quite frank, I think that's probably the first thing you should do tomorrow.

One thing you should do in the time being is keep a record of the threats and, if possible, note the individuals making threats against you. If they're being sent in the form of E-mails or letters, then be sure to keep them as evidence.

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