down once more

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wow..... its been forever hasnt it just?

"pitiful creature of darkness
what kind of life have you known?
god give me courage to show you
you are not alone...."

The phantom is cooler than Raoul by alot...... but yes obsessed now....

there is another large crisis going on now (will they never end?) but a boy liked a girl then hated her then liked a boy anmd now is acting odd and likes the girl again and denies saying anything against her......

and a friends mother was stabbed to death by that friends brother... and the school pretended it didnt exist.......... I HATE the government.


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but the phantom was selfish!

and the government isn't that bad, it keeps some order...

and on the other stuff, i don't know. laters.

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I steped aboard a vision, I boarded at my will.