Excitment 101

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Relatively sane... That about sums up my life. I was given a rotary youth leadership award and I get to go to a conference this weekend. I'm rather stoked but nervous about it. I hope I don't have to be "charming" and "ethical". Although I am very good at fooling everyone, especially the phsycologist that nominated me to go ;) They must be crazy because I am not leadership material. Personally I think what they're looking for is a woman in a powersuit breaking mens balls with they're bear hands not some pot smoking hippie writing poetry at the side of a highway on the way to her work at McDonalds. For the record I walk 3km (about 1.5 miles) to work) I actually just got back from work. I'm so greasy... Anyways, about RYLA. I get to go with another girl (hearts) I hope she's pretty. Maybe we can share a room and play truth and dare. That's a wicked game.

I've been so confused lately with all of these somewhat lover problems. I really like my somewhat lover even if I do like a lot of other girls. I am attracted to lots of women but I adore my somewhat lover like no other. Even though I talk about other girls I would never fool around with them at this point in my life because I am the first girl that (lets call her Sam) Sam has liked and I feel like I shouldn't hurt her. EVER. She is like a fine piece of glaass that is being molded by an artist right now. I guess she is the artist too because the glass work is very clumsy and unsure right now but I'm sure it will be beautiful when it is done. Not that I feel obligated to Sam but because I really care about her. I know that she's quite faithful towards me so I want to return the favor. Although Nothing has actually happened between us I will definately wait for her. I can't help but feel that she is worth all the time in the world.

I spilled Hydro Chloric Acid on myself today. It was funny cause I was like "Aw crap." And I just stood there in disbelief while my Chem teacher freaked out. It didn't burn me it just itched after I washed it off. After that my lab partner ended up letting toxic fumes off in my face so I was a little woozy after that. And then at work I got grease burns and two hot water burns. It was my lucky day today. Now my ankle is sprained too. You'd swear I am a casualty of war! :) Not that I'm upset I mean I could have been hit by a car. And the HCL Acid was an experience that I rather enjoyed because it is not every day that you can say I poured concentrated HCL on myself today. I still dislike chemistry though.

Another funny thing. I met this beautiful Mormon/ christian woman the other day. She was playing a guitar at a church I was at and I struck up a conversation with her. We talked and then we stumbled onto the marriage topic (she didn't know I was gay... And I don't like church.) She told me that she had been married for 1 year so I showed her my wedding ring. Another piece for the record, I married myself. She said "Oh it's ok to marry yourself. The ring is beautiful!" I smiled to return the compliment but said "Thank-you. You are very beautiful too." Then I blushed and got all flustered and started stumbling "I mean... I mean your ring is beautiful... Beautiful... Yes I have to go Bye." And then I ran away.
That is the extent of excitment in my life so far.


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The HCl part of your post brought back memories of chem lab. I hated chem lab, and my pants are forever stained due to some chemical or another but not a strong acid since my pants are still in one piece. Got to love chem.

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