Eyes are Open

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I breathe again and again.
Thank God I can still breathe!
Sometimes when I'm upset,
I just forget;
Wishing I could just breathe you in.

Already wrote you a poem about the
way I fell for the way
that you smell.
You laughed so hard,
you smacked your noggin
against the steering-wheel.

"It's just cigarettes!" - but I don't
even smoke. Then I found myself craving
them every time you were away.
Only I know, it in't them that I crave.
It's you and you know that I'll
never behave!

But where are you now?
My eyes are open, but I just
can't see.
"Just breathe," I tell myself,
trying to calm her down.
Where is she now, why isn't she


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I luv it...all i can think of saying....i just...luv it! plz keep on posting ur work! i'd luv to read more!
:) xx

False conversation
hidden agender
you think we're stupid
how dare you