Fact TIme

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it's time for more facts from bulldyke! don't all clap at once. so, what is it today?
well, i've talked a lot about our culture, and being 'connected' and all that, but what about depression?
what about those of us who don't want to be connected? what about people who don't want to live?

to this, i have this answer. 'It is always better to be alive than to be dead, because when you are alive,
things can get better.' it's my own quote, and i'm quite proud of it. i'm proud of being lesbian, too.
i hope that, someday, everyone can be proud of being gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/queer/intersex.


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insert catchy title here\

I have to tell you that I admire you. I can honestly say that I'm not all to proud about being a....me...>_> and most of the time won't admit it. Not even to myself.


A s h l e y

I can't beleive them babbling acting like I'm laughing...don't find it funny but I smile at your sarcasm...

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bein' proud

always try to be proud of being you. 'cause no one else is gonna do it for you.

"I can't even think straight!"
"Keep your laws off my body!"

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I love the facts and I'm real

I love the facts and I'm really excited that you decided to keep doing them!!! I really love this one! I, too, am a proud lesbian and I'm proud of everything else that I am and all that I ahve become over the last few years. LOL. You inspire me! I even love your poems! Thank you for everything!
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost