Fact time

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so, it's time for more facts from bulldyke. what am i going to say today? well, let's see...

well, okay. isn't it wonderful that we are so connected? think about it. no matter who it is, we can connect about being gay. isn't that so cool? i think so.



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It's true.

When you do you ever hear straight people say, "Well, we're both heterosexual...we'll always have that in common."

I think you're right to say that a lot of the gay (gay being an all-encompassing word here) community has a connection. That's true for most minorities.

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So true! But how often do heterosexual people wonder about the orientation of their homies?

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i know!

it's so wonderful.

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It's a very awesome feeling. For me it doesn't hapen very often so this website is like an oasis is the desert(full pun intended hahaha).