for all you suicidals..

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i used to always want to kill myself.
i was locked up in a psycheward and i rubbed my wrists under the sink's
metal edges until my wrists were all red...bastards..they even made it
really dull so it wasn't sharp just made my wrists really
red and numb.tried to od on advil , but stopped myself at the last minute.
why? because i was tired of hating myself.
goddamn it. c'mon people..
don't give up that easily. you all should be lucky there is
a site such as this one to help out and allow us all
to vent , share and get advice.
society will aways have it's fair share of hatred.
don't give in that easily.
for all you people that are really sucicidal , quit fucking
cruising gay sites for help and get some real help!
better yet.. stop repressing yourself and just let yourself go..
meet someone new, someone you like.
get to know them , have lots and lots of sex , safe sex of course!
do it to spite society, fuck their rules and regulations and their
false assumptions on whats right and wrong.
do it to spite your parents , who look at you differently
after you came out to them.and somehow you feel ..differnet now.
do it to spite everyone that knows you and stares at you differently
now.and the whispers when you are not around about how horrid and
disgusting you are.
do it for all those sad sorry miserable souls out there who live in the
closet that are repressed , depressed , suppressed and are killing themselves
daily ..for the sake of being...accepted. forcing themselves to
be someone else. do it for yourself.
do it , meet someone new , have alot of sex and do waht you want.
do what you want to do. fuck the world.
don't give up just yet.. you are gay/lesbian/bi/trans...right?
so know what you like..go out enjoy it...