For the record

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For the record the record is an unwritten journal of all thoughts dear and some thoughts not so dear to me. Some are kept in my heart but most are in my head. Lately I have been reviewing the record... I guess I've never really looked back at my past until today and I realize how much better I am but also how much bigger my mistakes are. I have no idea what I'm actually talking about but I feel a need to write out parts of my past for a better assesment of just why everything is so wrong at this moment.

Sarah K. First love of my life since I laid eyes on her but she is certainly not my last.
I walked past a church where I heard the beautiful cords of a piano so out of curiosity I went inside. Personally I think god was luring me in. I was 12 and I knew I had seen the girl before. And she was gorgeous and her music sounded better than a choir of angels. Of course I was naive so I didn't know any better but to believe so. I sat on a bench to listen. I could see her fingers dance up and along the floor of black and white keys. the song she played was beautiful but so sad. I could of sworn that it made the Stain glass and relics cry. But I flew with it on a wave of inspiration. THere was no destination for the inspiration but I was too young to care. She stopped playing. "How long have you been there?" She knew who I was. I was her friends younger sister. "Long enough to hear you play." She gave me a cold look. "Do you sing too?" I asked. "No." She paused turning back to play another song for me. not really for me but I would always be there to listen. "Surely." I began. "If you sing as beautifully as you play I am sure you sound wonderful." She grinned and began another song.