Going to kill someone

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I am utterly pissed off. Unbelievably pissed. Going to kill the administration. How can they possibly think that a meeting about two stolen keys off of a laptop keyboard is more important than an informational assembly about homophobia, a topic that appears to be avoided at all costs here at Derryfield. I am so sick-so sick of the losers at this school. I don't understand how they can do this to me. Our who class, the whole school, could have benefitted from this assembly. Do you know what their other reason for junking it was? Do you? The guidance councelor and school nurse claimed that they were unsure of how well our class would respond to this assembly, so they decided to junk it. Which is idiotic, because we obviously expected people to resond badly, that was part of the point, beginning a learning process in which people who responded badly at the assembly would be able to explore why they feel the way they do, and understand why that's not ok. And they also said that they weren't sure that we would be able to present it well, despite never having asked to see what any of the three girls who were going to speak had prepared. The injustice and stupidity of it all is killing me. I'm on the verge of tears, and I don't cry. I fucking hate DS. I so hate it here. Blithering idiotic admin. Crap sheep. Follow the homophobia, it's tking over our country, so why not let it take over our schools as well, instead of taking obvious and long awaited steps to start ending the pain. These people make me freakin' sick. God I'm upset. And I failed my science test. And we got year books, which are crap and stupid when you're in a bad mood and have nothing positive to write. I told one kid that he was a homophobic pig in his yearbook. I'll probably get in trouble. I have a good excuse, really.


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wow. i can understand your an

wow. i can understand your anger. my school would never even CONSIDER doing something like that though. so that you got the administration to considering for a while is good. but of course they SUCK for not going through with it. thats how america IS you know? they're just too scared to face up to real problems that everyoen faces today and too scared to do ANYTHING about it even if its presented to them on a silver platter. its sick. im moving to italy when i turn 18.

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Thanks for understanding. That's what I love about this place, you can always find someone who understands how obnoxious all those people in charge are, when you can't find people who are even worrying about the same issues that you're trying to convince people are relevant. Thanks. ^_^

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stupid excuses

Man, that really is bad. Will they reschedule it?

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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Sadly, no. Not rescheduling. Probably sice we only have one more day of school before finals...but still.