hello again

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hey folks. i'm so sorry i haven't been on for so long. i am really not doing well. the whole bipolar thing just really gets me down. i haven't gone to school for more than a week, and there's no sign of it getting better any time soon. so yeah. i'll try to post when i can, but right now, i'm probably not going to be on every day. some days, it's all i can do to get out of bed in the morning. today i did, and my cello teacher came over, and she and my mom and i had a real conversation. only thing was, i couldn't meet her eyes. she's so awsome. even when i'm down, she is always there to support me, and make me feel better. and she gives the most incredible hugs! so anyway... what's up with you guys?

"Having sex with a woman never hurt me. It was when we fell out of bed that I broke my leg." ~Margaret