How Do I

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I am going to have to physically hurt someone and that
is something I have not wanted to do. I never asked
for attention. I never asked for someone to like
me and I never asked for anyone to get close to me
and know that someone has I am going to have to
tell them that I don't like them like that but we can
still be friends. I hate myself right know and I
don't want to do much. I just want to be alone.
I want to reach for the pack of razor and yet that
would be weakness. I am listening to my music.
Crossfade,Linkin Park, Nightwish,Chevelle, Papa Roach,
Sum 41, And groups like that.
I am not sure how to break someones heart and I
don't want to and I am just blocking a lot of
crap out and trying not to give into any weakness
at this very moment in time. I know how it felt
for me and I don't want to put that feeling in
anybody because it hurt me so bad and it cut so
deep and I am still reeling from it in a way
and yet I was planning on going to a party tonight
and I am not sure if I will or willn't