how to help a cutter

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i just recently discovered that one of my closest friends has started cutting herself and i have no idea how to help her. i don't want her to try and force her to stop and have her think that i'm trying to be controlling. but i also don't want to just blow it off and let her think that i don't care. for those of you who have dealt with this subject before, what should i do?'s picture

I am going to tell you what m

I am going to tell you what my therapist told me: cutting is not as bad as some people think it is. A person can start cutting because it alliviates stress or takes their mind off something or they think that's the only way they feel real, or whatever. The main thing is that a person that cuts isn't necessarily trying to killthemselves. But that is something you should look out for. I can only tell you that you should ask you friend why they think they;re cutting and if they won't tell you or want to know why you're asking them, just tell them that it worries you. I say this because I cut and so did a friend of mine. But we're getting better because we have each other to talk to. Just be there for your friend.

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