I didn't quit

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This site is addictive! I log on every morning before school and as soon as I get back. I can't seem to stop posting things (and annoying people). 5 hours ago I swore I would never log on again because people were being mean to me.... Yeah well...shit happens.

Again, especially to Selekta who might be bisexual - I apologise for the statements I made. I am sorry babe.

Selekta bet Z$500 000 on the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Manchester United. Hope she wins. Go Man U!

Okay, I quit Oasis tomorrow.


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I hope when you say "people"

I hope when you say "people" were being mean, you don't mean me... I'm sorry if I freaked out at you over the bisexual thing.

You shouldn't quite Oasis.



These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days.