I will carry you

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So a bunch of girls from work decide we would go to
a club in a few days for a girls night out thing.
I have became more invovled in my community. I
am helping run the GSA at the local high school
as everyone knows. I am also working a job which
puts me in contact with people who are in power to
help me. I am also watching my relationships with
people get stronger. I am not so afraid to let people
walk out of my life it still hurts like hell to
let them walk out of my life and you think after having
it done my whole life I would get use to it but I
don't it still hurts and Know I am going to just
let people walk out of my life.
I am watching my relationship with this guy grow
because I am letting it grow slowly because I am
not quite ready to just let it go very fast. I am
still a little shy of this relationship.
As for the girls night out One of the girls we work
with is in this abusive relationship and she just
moved here I offered to let her move in with me.
I am seroius I am not going to let anybody stay
in a abusive relationship since I have been there
twice and I don't think anyone needs that. So we
where planning a girls night out to get her out
and let her meet people.