I'm new to this site

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Hey everyone ^_^
I just signed up for this site because I'm in a 'why the hell not' kinda mood... I'm not really sure what the goal/purpose and use of this site is yet. I see there are some forms of journals and forums, but I don't really know where to go to talk to everyone.. bleh. Anywho, so far this seems like a cool site for me to hang out at and I might like it more once someone explains it more thoroughly to me. Oh, lemme introduce myself ^^;;;. My name is Jurion (Jeer-ee-un), I'm a 15 yr old guy from Indiana (GAG.... Lucky I live in a college town so I'm sorta annexed from most of the hate and idiocy). I found this site from a link from a site I found out about at the end of reading 'Rainbow Boys' (A damn good book).
So yeah. I'm out out of random things to say... hmm.
Jupiter Jazz