is this better?

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see, i'm finally coming along, a little. i may be going slowly, but atleast i'm wrting stuff. and i know im killing you guys with each new addition, but hey, i have to get some entertainment too. but I have to ask, do you guys prefer waitng longer and hiving bigger entries or wating less and having smaller entries?


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I like the way you're writing

I like the way you're writing it now, but it's good either way.

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whatever you have in mind is fine. i wasn't sucked into it until about chapter 10 or so, so i got to read a whole lot all at once. i kinda like the larger portions, but i don't like waiting!!! if you have a lot to write one day, write it all at once. if you only have a bit, take pity on us, and don't make us wait. goddess, you are killing me with suspence!!! *looks around for grandmother's blood pressure meds* it's so good! i can't wait for more. when you're done, you should get it published. it's really good.

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