Its getting easier

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I have had a concert every night since Monday it seems
and since Mon and Tue where my days off from waiting on
tables that made it even better. I have performed
even when I have had to work because I got off at around
7 or 8 except on Wed and then I didn't have a show
I am loving being on stage I miss it the most and
my guys will be going with me on tour and then they are going
on different tours with different groups I am staying to pack and
then it looks like I am going to trasfer to a Ryans
in tennessee because I am going there and finishing my journalism degree
and then start looking for a job in my area of
degrees since I have to and this is what I want
to do and I think I have gotten over the need to cut
one of the guys at work who likes me asked if when
ozzyfest came to town if I would like to go see
the concert with him. I want to go see the concert
but I don't want to go with anyone. I am moving
back to being shy and not really talking and D
is trying to pull me out my shell he knows what
happened he is the guys best friend who hurt me
and I am just becoming more and more closed off.