It's like I'm talking to myself...

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Lately I've been writing a lot. Just random stuff. But it doesn't help me at all. It feels like I'm just talking to myself...I'm not REALLY getting anything out because no one is seeing what I write but me. So then I thought of maybe showing some of my stuff to my english teacher because he won't judge me or make me talk about it if I don't want to, but someone would still be seeing what I'm writing. But that's just a stupid idea. First of all, he's my teacher and that's not what he's there for. And second, I don't want to waste all of his time by asking him to take the time to do all of this for me. Grr whatever. My throat hurts.


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Some teachers truly enjoy helping their students in whatever way possible. To me the difference between an excellent teacher and a good teacher is the level of communication between student and teacher. I have had very few teachers that I felt like I could truly talk to, but those precious few made all the difference.

I could have just summed this up by saying that you should show your english teacher some of your writing if you wanted to do so but instead I rambled. Sorry.

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Yeah, I doubt your teacher wo

Yeah, I doubt your teacher would be bothered. I doubt you feel as safe as you do with him if he was the sort of person who would mind.


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