its too much- i'm scared to love this much

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today i woke up, in love,
last night i fell asleep thinking about how in love i am,
and tomorrow i probalby will still be in love... but jesus christ it hurts like helll,
"my heart is like an open highway"- with a couple of potholes and the odd hump here and there,
i'm not mentally stable, my life outseide of her is a mess,
fuck so much could go wrong-
i swear to god if i lose her... i'll lose me,
my road, my heart will all implode and disintergrate into nothingness...
i literally cannot imagine a life without her.


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You moved me

What is the worst kind of thirst? - To have a full well and still worry about being thirsty tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself love, and if it won't, I will take care of you. And I will take your hands and kiss them, and walk with you through your life, and I will fall asleep beside you and wake up in my dreams inside you. And I will buy furniture with you, and argue over what language our kids will speak. I will yell at you when you shrink my favourite red dress in the laundry. I will be there with you at your upper six dance. I will still annoy you every day.... I will love you everyday, even if i'm not physically with you, i will love you in every way, my lover, my future, my perfect friend. So don't be thirsty...drink deeply.

PS Sometimes I think it's cool for people to fear losing what they have, it makes them realise how much they value what they've got and it lets them know that what they have is real.
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