let me unhook your bra for you..love

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Don’t leave my body begging like this…

I can still hear you in my lips
With those Thunderous new secrets pouring out into my mouth
Letting them slide slowly down my tongue
And I can still feel their every motion until they
Land smoothly on my heart as if it were a cushion,

I can still feel you in my mind
Flashes of you laughing, twisting, turning,
Tugging me closer, race and vault from end to end-
I can still feel the gentle pitter patter of your feet as you prance
Along in my thoughts, like a child- oblivious to my consequential obsession with you.

I like it when I whisper to you with my eyes
Those delicious moments when you search for words
Thoughts, feelings, joy… and those moments I live for,
When you search for love,
and I want to say I love you as often
As I breathe… listen to my eyes-
Rumor has it I love you. I want to spend the rest forever with you.
Can you see it? No, really can you?

I like watching you with my fingertips
Surveying the contours, curves and the rhythmic undulations
Of your delicious body in its caramel coat,
Sinking my fingers deep into your back as I massage the Nivea
in and watch the thick white creaminess dissolve into your skin
and it feels like sex on my fingertips as I watch and feel the lotion, your skin, my hands
all become one orderly mess…

Oh I can still smell you with my all
I can still feel myself inhaling the intoxicatingly alluring sweetness on your neck
falling under the spell of your scent
My body pathetically surrenders as my lips inch closer and closer to your sugar brown neck
, simultaneously
Tasting the temptingly tantalizing rapture on my lips…

The backdrop disappears, time stops,
The colors of the world all merge into an endless deep
Red insignificance,
You’re all I see, feel, hear, smell...taste
As I sink my teeth slowly into your neck
Obeying your desire, succumbing to my own temptation
Like vampire’s lust for blood…


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Wow, that was intense! The title seemed funny, but the poem was seductively serious!

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Fucking Awesome!

Disclaimer: This post is intended for entertainment purposes only and should in no way be taken seriously. If I have in anyway offended anyone I am truly sorry and I ask them to please accept my apology.

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that was really..wow!!!...that was incredible. u said everything