LGBT youth

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I dont know how many of you know this but most teen suicides come from LGBT teens. Myself being of a bisexual sexual orientation have experienced the backlash and hatred that many others have faced and that has driven others to doing things that would cause pain to theirselves and others. What is it about homosexuality that has people treating humans as if they are nothing? We are all humans...lets ban together and end the discrimination of homosexuals and others... lets fight homophobia.

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totally agree

i don't really know why people hate us so much. i could say that they get it from pop culture, but where does it come from origionally? i do know that it first started appearing in the middle ages, in europe. it might have been because the europeans didn't want the pagan religions (many of which had homosexuality as part of their rights) to diminate the 'one true god', aka: their god. anyway. other than that, i don't really know. i do know that it's important to band together, and love eachother, and live as best we can. it's a tough world, and a lot of us can't deal with it. i know i couldn't for a while. in fact, i'm still suicidal, and it sucks. but i know that i couldn't kill myself, 'cause then i couldn't change the world. you give us all hope. thank you.

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Right on

I totally agree with you. I think it's part of the human character though. To hate and/or fear what you don't understand. This however is no excuse. All humans have a choice and some just choose to hat. I will always fight against homophobia because prejudice against anyone for any reason is unacceptable.

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I'm not sure that we (err, since it is youth, I guess I should say "you")are most likely to commit suicide. My understanding is that GLBT youth are three times more likely to attempt suicide. I don't know that any stats were ever released as far as success rates. Most suicide attempts fail.

Not that this is necessarily optimistic, just trying to be accurate.

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There are stats...

There are stats I have seen them I have read them and i honestly believe them... i mean why would they lie. The fact of the matter is alot of LGBT teens are facing this alone... I just believe that if we all supported each other then things could change... for the best not the worst.
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Err. . .

I don't beleive your goal is realistic. If you actually look at history, wherever or whenever you find homosexuality, you also fin homophobia. It is just two sides to the same issue, if one could make the analogy, and it seems impossible to seperate the two. So that means that our goals mus change. We cannot change the minds and hearts of the republicans, conservatives, and all those who oppress us. Even if we were to get every thinkable law that would prtect lgbt from discrimination, there will still be those who hate us, if for no other reason than because we are different. I am not saying that pushing for equality laws is a lost cause, I fully support any and all efforts to attain partner rights. I just think people are pushing too much to get others to like us, which is futile as I have already explained. Furthermore, just as we should be able to voice our opinions as gays, they should be able to be heard just as clearly as the dissenting opinion. This is also equality, not very likable, but necessary. What we really need to do is remember that our happiness depends not on how others feel about us, it is how we feel about ourselves that determines our joy in life. As long as we do not take to heart what the religious right and conservatives say about us, we can lead successful lives. We do not need to be accepted by society, WE NEED TO ACCEPT OURSELVES.

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Right however...

It true that we all have the right to feel and say what we want its in the first amendment to the constitution... what i am saying is that maybe instead of hiding and being silent about how we feel we could stand up together and face this thing... homophobia is not a hate thing... its a fear... ppl fear what they dont know so if we could just share the facts and show them that we are humans as well as they are then maybe we could change the world for the next generations of LGBT ppl.
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Last I heard, the stats were

Last I heard, the stats were somewhere between 25% to 40% of (successful) youth-suicide is believed to be at least partly due to sexuality. That said, we are more likely to commit suicide.

Most people who are against us took decided to go down their path a very long time ago. Debates aren't going to sway them, unless they have great respect for the speaker. These beliefs are almost set in stone, and in the same way that you will never convince a believer that god doesn't exist or an atheist that god does exist, you will never convince homophobes by rhetoric or solid arguments.

I really think that most people who have not been convinced will only be swayed by knowing someone close who is gay. I guess gay celebrities also count as a plus (Ryan Seacrest coming out would probably win some over). However, unless you are a public figure, the only real effect you can have in coming out is on close friends and parents.

We will never rid the world of homophobia, but we can sure get close.


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Homophobia is a Soical Disease