more facts...

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yo folks, it's me again. *no, it's me!* yeah, you're a part of me... *well,* so, when
i say, 'me', it includes you. *well, that's boring* i never said otherwise... *in case you all hadn't
noticed, i'm talking to myself* no, you're talking with me *yeah, and you're me. haven't we
already been over this?* sounds familiar.

so, anyway folks i've got some more things to bolster your courage. sorry that it's coming in so late.
so, random facts...

have any of you noticed that we have our own slang? i was talking with my cousin the other day (she's
lesbian, too) about something, and she was like, 'isn't that so homo?' it was so neat. and we have
butch, and femme, and queens, and we use straight, and we use 'out'. isn'tit marvalous that we can
do this? just about any word you take, you can make it 'gay'. i think that's awsome, don't you?
*yeah, i do* i wasn't asking you.... *well, i answered anyway. is that a problem?* no, but it could
be *okay then* why don't we take this outside? *you're already out* i'm gonna deck you *owww*
OWWW *so, when you punch me, you punch you?* yup, just about *folks, is this lame or what? i think
i'm gonna take her away somewhere else. this may get an 'r' rating... bye!*

Bulldyke (and company)


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wow, I thought i was the only one who had a one person dialogue

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It's nice to know that I am not the only one who has people arguing in ther head. hehehehe so hi bulldyke and company from rowanxxraven and company.
hey yo what's the dillio?