My letter poems...

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Dear Masha,

If I were to write you a letter it would describe the waves and how they come and go like love. It would describe being light as air as if one were swimming in tropical mist. And how nothing is ever concrete in the ocean with the moon and her tides which the world abides to yet revolves freely from. It would paint a picture in your mind of a boat upon mist in the water. You would taste the salt and feel the haze upon your damp fingers where undreneath sand lies upon your nails. I would see the skies reflect upon your eyes as they bubbled in upon grey sand. And Black clouds would clash with every splash of the violent slashes of the shore. And sea beds would scream everytime they came with grey anger in their eyes. And sea walls would stand tall in spite of it all slowly as they wither.

Yours Truly


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I spelt whither wrong...

I spelled whither wrong...