My Parents Hate Me

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My niece was in my parents bed this morning and I went to go lie down with her and as soon as I got in bed my mom woke up and got out of bed as fast as she could and jumped in the shower as fast as she could she never even looked at the clock to see what time it is. Than my dad started to move around a notice that I was in the bed jumped up out of bed and said "What the Fuck are you doing in my bed" "Lying here next Brianna" I said. "Let me put it this way I don't want any fucking LESBIANS in my bed so get the fuck out.Can Some Please tell me why they are treating me this way. Because I remeber them telling me that "they would love me no matter what."(They stoped saying that when I told them I was a Lesbian and that was 3 FUCKING YEARS AGO)


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I'm sorry to hear that your family are such jerks. While my parents didn't freak like that, we don't talk about it. My mom tried to send me to therapy to "cure" me. Why not try sitting down and talking to them or even writing them a letter telling them what you are feeling. But don't let them make u feel bad about who you are. They should love you no matter what and it's their problem if they want to be bigotted jerks. If i was there i would have words with them *cracks knuckles in a menacing gesture*. Stick it out girl and i hope it all works out for you


i know!

parents can be hipocritical assholes and i know feeling mother told me i could shrivel up and die oh and my favorite i can burn in hell for all she cares.and my dad did everything short of beating the living shit out of me(but he's smart enough to not do that anymore 'cause he knows i'll fight back) and he blamed everything on my yeah i know the feeling in some way.well i really hope that things get better for you and if you would like to talk you can email me whenever you please.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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that's really FUCKED UP! if i were you i would just try to aviod my parents as much as possibel untill i could get the hell out of there...i know that won't really make your family relationships better but, it's better than getting all that verbal abuse. i feel so bad for you. *hug*