"My Summer of Love"

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Right, so this is sort of silly, but there's this movie coming out here soon that I am SO EXCITED about. I like, almost cried when I saw the trailer in the theater... Sigh... Yeah. Anyway, I know it's been out outside of the US for awhile, and I was just wondering if any one on here has seen it or heard of it or anything? It's called My Summer of Love... It's about like. Two girls and. Other things. I'm not even sure, I just really want to see it. And I'm not sure why that is, either. Anyway.

If anybody is interested, the trailer (for Quicktime) is at: http://www.focusfeatures.com/clips/my_summer_of_love/trailer-320x180.mov



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Whenever I see that there is going to be a lesbian lead character in a movie or tv show I have to watch it. ONdemand has a section called "Here!" that is movies that are strictly gay...why couldn't they do that for me at blockbuster? lol. That movie looks cute and it seems like it won't be one of those typical hollywood love stories.

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I can't wait for this movie to come out! It looks cute!

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