No More Please

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O.K. I am going abosutle insane. We made up a game
called "Who am I" in which we ask question and you
have to answer. Well the other night the four of
us where sitting around just hanging out when
all of a sudden out of no where his roomate ask the
question "Who am I" and then ?Whats the longest
you've went without sex? which started the who game
That lead to more questions what type of kiss's did we
tend to give and why, what was are biggest turn on and
stuff like this. Usually the game isn't meant to be sexual
it is meant to be a way to get information in
a non-blackmail non-threatening way so no one
gets uncomfortable. Well later after the game his
two roommates went out and we sat on the couch
(me in his lap) just talking about bullshit. Not really
talking about anything important
WELL last night me and him went to Wal*Mart and
we just walked around again just talking and
having fun just laughing and hanging out. I only
had 14 bucks on me last night and I came across
a group I saw out on tour called Nightwish they are
great some of the songs seem like they would be
what you expected out of a goth group but Nightwish
is a simple female fronted goth-rock-celtic group.
I am not really sure where they are from but they
are imported. They have been working the same circuts
that underground groups much like mine work. This group
fucking rocks and you'll have to excuse my language
Well the cd was $16.25 with tax and everything so
in the end he chipped in two bucks and 25 cents so
I could get the cd and I am not quite sure whats going
on in my life just that I am about to be out of school
for the summer today is my last day. I am going to
be working a little bit less and I am going to
be promoting my band even more thanks to this guy
because he likes music but not to the point that
he is obessed with it. Thats me I live breath and
sleep music and everything has a referance to music.


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Cool game

Sounds like an interesting game and a good way to get to know other people. Fun times. :)

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