Not Again

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I have a crush on my best friend. Not a good thing, at all. She's as straight as the yellow line on the highway. And even if she weren't, she wouldn't be interested in me, "we're just friends; it'd be too wierd." This is one of those stupid pointless crushes that inevitably comes about hen you hang around beautiful people with heart for too long. I'll live, somehow. At least I still have two days to mull this thing over before school starts again, otherwise I'd die.


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Ohh, I can sooo sympathize

Hon, I know exactly what you're talking about. Feel free to talk contact me or send me a message.

You'll pull through, I know it.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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I'm in the same boat right now- so you have my complete sympathy- good luck!