Not you its me

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I have been having a terrible last couple of days
Not to meation I am glad that I didn't move in with
this guy because Saterday night whatever we had going
was ended Him saying that I am a cool girl and that
right know he can't give me what I need
I didn't let him see me cry and that I can say
yet I understand know why some guys hate it when
they date a girl and she still wants to be your
friend because he wants to be my friend and I am
not so sure that I can do it. Its so hard and I
have had the last couple of days to think about it
Today and tomorrow I have the day and I just
can't believe that its all ended because I saw this
going some where but his "problems" keep us apart.
I am just not having a good day or days and then
Sta a girl we work with who said it wouldn't work
just wants to be in the mood of "I told you so" and
I want to smack her and hug her at the same time
because she was chasing him for a long time
and she said if I wanted to talk I had her number
and I could call and talk to her. I am grateful that
someone it around me and that is something I need
at the mintue. I am not going to do anything
dramatic but I scared myself last night when I
turned a razor blade over in my hands and through
about it and that scared the fuck out of me because
I haven't in a long time. I don't plan on going back
not for him and not for anyone else.