Oh my gosh

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In the long run this has been a lot of fun. I can watch him for hours but falling
in love kills me. I wasn't ready for thi nor did I plan it and know I may have to take in three
kids with whom I don't have the money to raise. MY cousin is a truely terrible mom
and the state has asked me to take custody of a five year old, a four year old (both boys) and
a two year old little girl. Plus she is about to have another child and that
want me to take that one the mintue she has it. They have said since she can't
seem to raise them and will be in jail for a few months. I don't think I can raise
four kids on my own I am having problems raising my sister and she is going to
go live with my other sister. I am still a little off on why not my parents they
would be the better ones to raise children who are intorlantarent.
I started working on my paper last night for the school newspaper and one
of the guys in my high school GSA said his brother would be more than willing
to give me a look into his life with his boyfriend. I guess this is the best way
to go and just move from there. I want this interveiw with this guy. I
would like to see if he is anything like his brother. I understand
thought why they are the way they are. Raised in a home like we are it is just
what we do. We act different because of the way we are raised.