Oh my lord!

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My girl just made a video of me and her making out and it was soooooo hot! Right now she's in the kitchen eating and so I'm logged on. So weird how oasis has become this compulsion I can't quit. Anyway, bye lovers til tomorrow.


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I know this might sound weird.. but you do live in zimbabwe.

How much trouble could you get in if the wrong person found that video? Zim is not known for being progressive about sexuality, actually.. doesn't your 'fearless leader' refer to homosexuals as being lower than dogs or something??

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I agree with adrian

Since I doubt you're about to just destroy it now, maybe you could transfer it onto your computer and add it to a winzip archive and password it.


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f... the police

1.how would they know what to look for?
2. homosexuals (though yes 'they' are the enemy) are no the main issue back here in Zims right now :)
3.whats the worst that could happen?
hmm i take that last one back...

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Ah.... Bob

Our beloved fag-hating leader comrade R. Mugabe, who hates homosexuals almost as much as he hates the Imperialist British and white people, would be very displeased to discover the raunchy video tape of my girlfriend and I. However, since it is (strangely) not a concern of national safety, I highly doubt anyone - that is, anyone from our "hard working" police force will discover it and take us off
to jail. Nah, man, we're safe - all the jails are full of white people and MDC supporters dude. We'd probably just get hit by a few policemen thugs and sent on our way.

I mean HONESTLY! Do you really think ANYONE will ever see that tape? We're not stupid adrian. Plus, we're not out to (almost) anyone.

And Zim isn't that bad for the very wealthy lot here, since the authorities leave us alone. Cough cough...

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