*please read today's fact*

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"Hello, and welcome to Good Things About Being Gay, brought to you by Bulldyke."
yeah... hello. *ahem* so, what am i going to say today? fisrt of all, i'd like to ask you all a
question. should i keep posting these? i'm not getting much feed back, good or bad, so i'm just wondering.
do you read these? do you want me to keep doing this? please, say something...

so, what is my fact going to be today? well, i was thinking. sorta about myself, and how i feel about
being lesbian, and being part of the gay community. i was just reading this book, called another mother
tongue: gay words, gay worlds. great book, by the way. it's all about the gay culture, and how it's
evolved. and i got to thinking, isn't it really cool that we can all band together, and be one, big
happy family. i mean, we all go through much of the same stuff as eachother: coming out, being out,
friends/family, depression (those of you who aren't, thank your lucky stars. think about it folk.
no matter where we go, there is going to be an underground, or, sometimes, not so underground, gay
community. and we all get to be part of it. no matter what age you are, or who you veted for, or
what color your skin is, or anything. we all get to be part of the gay culture. how special is that?



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I know

I know sometimes no one answers but there are people really reading your stuff.

I love who you are, and how you say you're dealing with being a lesbian and showing the world your pride. I think your rock. You're awesome. Keep writing, you had life to this site.

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I usually don't reply, but I do read and enjoy these posts.

"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect. We take what we get and are thankful that it is no worse than it is."

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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TOTALLY special

dude, i HATE feeling like no one responds to stuff. grr.
so here i go replying to yours: i like the 'daily facts' that make me feel like being gay is less about the struggles and more about the unity. like oasis.
thanks bulldyke!


p.s. depression IS a tough issue. sad as it sounds, zoloft is my godsend.

"you've come a long long way and you
deserve to be really happy..."
-kimya dawson

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definetely keep writing the f

definetely keep writing the facts. They remind us how special we are, that is sorely needed sometimes.

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