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Poem 1

Baby this world is cruel
And I know you understand
more than me but
I'm not a little girl
I have my wings earned them

This is my reflection
this is the girl in the mirror
the lies in my eyes
the promises in my smile I won't keep
the hatered that lies underneath
this calm surface pool

I've watched so much of the pain
and for years I've cut so
deep its never brought blood
to the surface but recently
I relize I wanted something
different will you help me or run?

Poem 2

I need to change
Who I've became
makes me sick
I can't look at me
IN the mirror can you
please hold my hand
Give me a second I'll be better

I've became the people I don't like
I've became someone who hates
everyone I've watched myself change
slowly and I've been trying to wake the
little girl in the corner
let her know the monster in her
nightmare is here
to get out run but its to late its all destoryed

Hold me please kiss away the pain
if you can't at least just make
being me easier before I take
it all away