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where did we go my friend
where did our road end
why are we so lost
why wont our hearts just mend

we've fallen down the rabbit hole
and sunk deeper in a pit
we can't find our way out
so i just quickly sit

i think of the way we met
on that cold, damp bus
i let my heart pour out to you
and take it back i must

i've found that it never
happend to the "we"
but that i sat and cryed again
because it was only me

i remembered how you left me
when she came tumbling in
you say you love her now
but what will happen in the end

you said that you would be there
if i ever needed you
but that was just a wicked lie
that into my face you threw

you say you do not have the time
to talk and hang with me
but what will happen when im gone
what other time will there be

stop chasing her around
and come back to me my friend
i cry and hurt inside for you
ill need you in the end

why have you left me out alone
why do you hurt me so
youve ripped a bigger piece of me
one to big for you to know

i tried to talk to you that night
when the band began to play
but she came right beside you
and to me a word you couldnt say

i cried when i drove home that night
my eyes began to haze
im praying out to god himself
and hope that i will not phase

you taught me to be strong
but life has kicked me when im down
and when i close my eyes at night
i here that awful sound

the sound that haunt me day and night
the one that has defiance
the one that comes from you
the one that shouts its silence

my tears are hitting the keys
of this flat electronic board
im lost in everything i once could see
and my heart shows off it soars

im sorry if i did somehting
to make you go away
and if i asked you nicely
by my bed would you stay?

cause i got the news today
that my time is almost gone
that im loosing against this killer
and that i have to end my song

does our friendship not mean more
than something just to throw elsewhere
have i just gave you everything
and you not to give a care

I let my gaurd down
for one brief moment in time
but you came and ripped it out
and now it must be mine

my health is faiding
and you dont even care
and that cold shoulder that you give
i can no longer begin to bear

if you love her so
go and leave me in the dust
and i will watch you go
but my heart will bust

what have i done to you
to send you to her
i thought i was being ok
but now im not quit sure

im sorry if i hurt you
im sorry if its me
i guess i cant be the friend
that you just needed me to be

i have no time to give you
because its being taken from myself
but ill take out all my love for you
and put it on a shelf

you dont care i guess
about my lack of health
ive tired to play it off
i tried to be all stealth

but im running out of time
so these words i must shove
im so sorry i couldnt be the person
that you could stand to love


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That's all i can say! Why does life have to be this way?

Now you've got me rhyming! hehe